100% human hair extensions

From: £34.99

From: £34.99


Type           :            Non Remy single drawn machine weft

Style           :            Straight

Colour       :            Natural black (1b)

Weight       :           100 Grams



100% human hair extensions are one Hairstyle Extensions’ most popular lines and loved by many because they are great value for money.

Excellent alternative to Virgin and Remy Hair extensions.

The hair used to make these wonderful and versatile hair extensions is sourced directly from temples in Southern India.

100% Human hair extensions are also known as ‘non Remy’ because the roots and tips of the hair are not aligned.  There is mixing of different human hair when the hair is collected from the temples.

Hair comes at a premium so you can be sure there hasn’t been any wasted hair when making these extensions.

After this the hair is sent to our custom build factory where strict quality control processes are followed by our highly skilled Hair Technicians to ensure the finished hair extensions reach you in perfect condition to keep you looking stunning and fabulous for any occasion.

Please note that the straight hair may have a slight wave, have a mix of shorter lengths on the weft and tapered towards the tip.

Soft and lightweight.

Each pack is approx. 100 grams.

Additional information

Do you fancy creating another fantastic look and style from these amazing 100% human hair extensions? Great news! With these 100% human hair extensions, you can:

  • Wash them.
  • You can use an electric hair dryer to dry the hair and;
  • You can even use curlers and straighteners to obtain wonderful new hairstyles so that you’re never bored.

However, please note that the durability of the extensions depends upon your frequency of usage and maintenance such as washing, cleaning etc.

Please be careful when washing. This is because the hairs are not cuticle correct and may shed from the weft, therefore the hairs may volumise and tangle.

If you’re not sure why not read our blog explaining how to maintain hair extensions.

Suitable for occasional wear.

Clip in clips not supplied.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

14, 18", 22", 24"

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