U Tip pre bonded strands

From: £89.99

From: £89.99


Type        :           U Tip pre bonded strands

Style        :            Straight

Color       :            Natural black (1b)

Weight   :            100 grams



Amazing premium quality U tip pre bonded strands give you length and style to keep you looking stunning and glamorous for any occasion.

  • Hair sourced directly from temples in Southern India.
  • Hand rolled keratin tips.
  • Made with Virgin single drawn hair.
  • The hairs are cuticle correct meaning the majority if not all of the hair strands are strictly organised with the roots in one direction and the tip to the opposite end. This ensures there is less tangling.
  • Soft and lightweight.
  • Straight hair with a slight wave.
  • Strand weight is approx. 1 gram.
  • Packet weight is approx. 100 grams.

Additional information

Hairstyle extensions U Tip pre bonded strands can be washed, dried with an electric hair dryer and you can even use curlers or straighteners to obtain your desired hairstyle.

The durability of the U Tip pre bonded strands is dependent upon your application method, frequency of usage and maintenance such as washing, cleaning etc.

Suitable for occasional wear.

Additional information

Weight N/A

U Tip pre bonded strands


Natural black (1b)




25 grams


18", 22", 24"

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